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Chiropractic Adjustment Package for Just $89

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Our normal rate for a Complete Consultation, Spinal Examination, and Report of Findings is usually $500, as well as $105 for the first adjustment

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Meet Dr. Janelle and Dr. Derek MacBay

This Package Includes:

Consultation (value: $110)

Detailed conversation between you and us (Dr. Janelle or Dr. Derek!) to understand your health challenges, day to day stressors, and clinical history.

Report of Findings (value: $195)

Detailed explanation of the results from your checkup and recommendations for your care.

Examination (value: $195)

We will conduct a series of exams, tests and scans to determine the cause of your health challenges.

Report of Findings (value: $195)

Detailed explanation of the results from your checkup and recommendations for improvement.

Adjustment (Value $105)

Your health is important. Upon examination, we'll only give you your first adjustment on the day itself if it's safe to do so. Otherwise, we'll arrange a follow-up session.

About Our Founders,
Dr. Janelle and Dr. Derek MacBay

Dr. Janelle Dong MacBay and Dr. Derek MacBay, esteemed graduates with honors and extensive clinical internships in San Francisco, California, relocated to Singapore in 2008. Over nearly 15 years, their passion has led countless people toward optimal bodily function, health, and overall well-being.

Specializing in a holistic approach that empowers families through chiropractic care, lifestyle guidance, and nutritional coaching, Drs. Janelle and Derek have established a significant presence in their field. Their expertise encompasses family, prenatal, pediatric, and geriatric chiropractic care, marking a steadfast commitment that consistently positions Pinnacle Chiropractic as one of Singapore’s premier chiropractic offices for the past three years.

As pioneers in the chiropractic community, Drs. Derek and Janelle were founding members of the World Chiropractic Alliance (Singapore). In the pivotal years of 2010-2011, Dr. Janelle served as Secretary, while Dr. Derek assumed the role of Vice-President. Their visionary leadership played a crucial role in the association’s transformation, culminating in its revitalization as the Alliance Of Chiropractic (Singapore). Currently, they hold positions as Secretary and President, steering the association’s growth to be Singapore’s largest professional chiropractic organization. This steadfast dedication to excellence and leadership underscores their commitment to advancing chiropractic care, not only within the confines of their own office, but throughout the region.

In addition to their impactful contributions to the chiropractic landscape in Singapore, Dr. Janelle Dong MacBay and Dr. Derek MacBay have a distinguished history of global outreach. During their educational journey, they co-founded, in conjunction with their college, Life Chiropractic College West, a transformative program that brought chiropractic interns to Ghana, focusing on collaborating with orphanages and AIDS clinics. This initiative, which ran for over a decade, showcased their dedication to positively impacting communities in need. Furthermore, the doctors are visionary founders of Chiros For Cambodia, a commendable program dedicated to providing free chiropractic care to the villages of Cambodia. These philanthropic endeavors not only reflect their commitment to extending the benefits of chiropractic care to underserved communities but also underscore their belief in the transformative power of chiropractic on a global scale. Through these humanitarian programs, Drs. Janelle and Derek exemplify their dedication to advancing chiropractic while making meaningful contributions to individuals both locally and globally!

What Do Our Customers Say About Us?

Pinnacle Chiropractic
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14:00 14 May 24
I sought help at the practice for an arm that couldn’t be fully straightened. And I got so much more than I expected at this excellent chiropractic practice that truly takes good care of their patients. Drs Janelle and Derek are observant, careful and their adjustments always hit the spot. I’ve also learnt a lot at the practice, from how to breathe correctly to release muscle tension to podiatry advice for a better gait. Many grateful thanks too to the welcoming and helpful front desk team, Judy, Ruby and Dickson!
Kimberly MaKimberly Ma
09:57 13 May 24
Very welcoming, staff are friendly and helpful,, and their big smile make you feel at home 😊.Similarly to the doctors, make you like you are part of their family or friends, very helpful. Of course their skill, knowledge and experience, feel very relax and body not so tight after every cracking session.
Mingding HanMingding Han
15:35 31 Jan 24
Pinnacle Chiropractic has been an instrumental partner and inspiration on our journey towards better health and wellness.We joined them looking to address various aches and pains related to back, shoulder and posture issues. Since then, we have seen and felt significant improvements in terms of reduced pain, better posture and spinal health. These improvements come in the form of regular health assessments (measurable and quantifiable impact) and generally a qualitative sense of better mobility, energy and well-being.The doctors are very knowledgeable, skilful and experienced in understanding and sharing about various aspects of spinal health, and they take great care to make the gradual adjustments to get our spines in better shape.In addition, they are very generous and proactive in imparting their wisdom and experience in the form of regular and insightful workshops on related topics, such as posture, ergonomics, diet and nutrition, exercise, sleep habits etc. They have helped us foster a holistic mindset towards better self-care habits and practices.Last but not least, the staff are very welcoming, professional and responsive. We look forward to each of our regular adjustments with them and we highly recommend Pinnacle Chiropractic for an effective and holistic journey to better spinal health and beyond.
Adelia LohAdelia Loh
11:07 16 Jan 24
Pinnacle Chiropractic team has been awesome and welcoming! Everyone is treated like family and there is a sense of community! From the start, the team had been very professional thorough when they explained my treatment plan and would always facilitate my appointment booking so to best fit my schedule.My overall experience at Pinnacle Chiropractic has been good in terms of address my pains and aches. Through regular adjustments and exercises recommended I feel an improvement not only to my aches and pains but overall quality of life. Pinnacle chiropractic team also offers workshops on various topics such as diet, sleep, exercises etc. these workshops provides opportunities to network and also learn more about self care.Totally would recommend this place.
Lyndea DewLyndea Dew
12:17 13 Jan 24
I have been a patient of Pinnacle Chiropractic for over 4 years. The entire team from the front office to the doctors are completely client focused. They care about the patient beyond the clinical. I appreciate the flexible scheduling and walk in adjustments.
10:21 11 Jan 24
This team of expert really saved me from long term shoulder/neck pain. The front desk are very attentive and friendly. Dr Derek, Janelle & Richard are very patient and very assuring. I know I am in good hands! Strongly recommended!!
10:20 11 Jan 24
Been under the care of pinnacle chiropractic more than 3 years and it has been an awesome experience getting to learn and undergo chiropractic adjustments through dr janelle and dr derek. Highly recommend to try it!
Donny TassiaDonny Tassia
00:20 04 Jan 24
I feel the improvement on my backpain & my posture.Family friendly and Professional.
Donny SastraatmadjaDonny Sastraatmadja
00:15 04 Jan 24
I have been undergoing the chiropractic treatment for 3 years, and I could see the positive result. My body becomes more energetic, less tense muscle, and having better posture. Watch out for those who likes to sit down too long in office. Getting adjusted by the chiropractor will help your blood circulation. Pinnacle is family friendly place to go with your kids.
Amutha MeyyappanAmutha Meyyappan
23:30 26 Dec 23
I've been with Pinnacle Chiropractic for years now and I am not disappointed! Dr Janelle, Dr Derek and Dr Richard all know exactly what my body needs the minute they come in contact with it. They operate out of kindness, love and just wholeness in living which transpires into the business and the good work they do. Love how they have now measures to involve and value-add to the chiropractic community! The reception personnel are also stellar. They know their clients well and are always advocates of wellness. I'm in good hands for chiropractic care.

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Chiropractic Adjustment Package for Just $89

Thank you for choosing PINNACLE CHIROPRACTIC.  

This is a one-time promotional offer.

Our normal rate for a Complete Consultation, Spinal Examination, and Report of Findings is usually $500, as well as $105 for the first adjustment.

Here is what this package includes:

* Your health and safety are important to us. You will receive your first adjustment at your consultation visit *ONLY IF* it is recommended and deemed safe to do so by the doctor. Otherwise, we will arrange a follow-up session. Do note that should any x-ray or further tests be required by our Doctors there will be additional costs to cover those.

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