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Our Purpose is to Empower as Many Families as Possible to Achieve Their Full Expression of Health Through Natural Chiropractic Care

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We provide advanced spinal correction utilizing “state of the art” chiropractic techniques. Never in the history of chiropractic have we been able to provide the level of help and expertise that now exists. These newer correction methods are even safer, more comfortable and more effective than ever before. The doctors at Pinnacle Chiropractic have over 3 decades of combined training and experience in spinal adjustments.

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Developed in the late 1800s, Chiropractic is currently the largest natural, drugless, healthcare profession in the world.  What made this possible are the countless people who continually experience positive resolution to some of the most common health challenges.  They end up seeing the big picture with regards to their health, they realize where their health actually comes from and how to access it fully.

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09:34 21 Sep 23
Had back and neck problems after army. After going for the chiropratic sessions, i felt much better afterwards. Even underatanding my body more and bad habits that I have.I would also like to give a shoutout to Dickson who does an excellent service for customers.
Sharron Koh shui yanSharron Koh shui yan
02:57 25 May 23
I’m a mom of 2+1 and my current baby is a transverse/breech position for about 2-3 weeks since last visit to an gynae. Because I’m on high risk due to high BP and chances of early labour, I’m so worried that if baby really needs to come early... baby don’t turn, I might end up in Emergency c-sect. I have a GF who asked me if I’m keen to try chiropractic treatment as she have tried herself and felt the difference.I would say my first virgin experience is OUTSTANDING! Dr Derek gave me full assurance during consultations and just in 1 session it makes a huge difference! 3 days later, my baby checkup showed that he have turned heads down, ready for labour! It’s an amazing feeling and I would say it’s wonderful experience despite being pregnant and lots of concern. This is the bestest thing I’ve seen throughout my whole pregnancy. 🥰
12:52 20 Apr 23
Highly recommend this clinic (I was treated by Dr Janelle who is very knowledgable and has excellent bedside manners). She was recommended by multiple people I know, and I'm glad I went to see her. Also shoutout to clinic staff Dickson for excellent service.I am in my third trimester and facing a lot of physical discomforts. Dr Janelle did an extremely comprehensive physical assessment of my anatomy and lifestyle habits, explained to me how my gait impacts baby's position, and shared useful and personalised info on what I can do for smooth delivery. The adjustments were not painful at all, and again felt very personalised. There was zero pressure or fear mongering. Whole session was an hour, no rush at all.This is a far cry from another practice (based in AMK) I went to a few weeks ago as I was looking for someone trained in the Webster technique for adjustments. That entire session including "assessment" was 20 minutes, cost close to $200 and I was made to feel like my anatomy was in terrible shape and I was pressured to go back within 3 days for another adjustment. That chiro also didn't address any of the aches I felt, giving just blanket/zero value statements of "You're very tight" and "Of course you don't feel different (after the first session), you need to come back more." and prescribing me stretches I told her I was already doing. Basically a waste of time and money.My experience at Pinnacle Chiro with Janelle was completely different and I highly recommend her expertise for all mothers to be (or anyone in general honestly). If you're looking for someone who will take time to properly assess your unique body, take the time to explain things to you, listen to your concerns and come up with a holistic treatment plan, this is the place to go.
Marissa PangMarissa Pang
10:39 20 Apr 23
A great experience at Pinnacle. Friendly front desk and doctors. Thanks for adjusting my family and I!
Vivien ShamVivien Sham
13:45 21 Feb 23
Passionate and experienced team offering Chiro services, with a distinct expertise in pregnancy and post-natal health
slain sirenslain siren
11:26 09 Dec 21
previously I had a slipped disc and several adjustment sessions improved my daily lifestyleI began to feel more energetic and have better sleepDickson is one of the friendliest receptionist always giving warm welcome to customers. Approachable and assisted me well in selecting the best treatment package according to my budgetBoth Dr Derek and Janelle are expert in their field. One should try an adjustment session with them to see which suited you better.They are open to questions and willing to assist keen customers for treatment according to their budget.
14:30 25 Feb 21
My father had a sharp back pain and was unable to walk. A few friends highly recommended coming here to meet with Dr Derek.He was extremely thorough with the explaining the issues and x-ray scans. Extremely professional and super friendly personality!

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