Corporate Workshops

Customized Solutions Tailored To Your Team's Needs

At Pinnacle Chiropractic, we understand that every organization is unique, and your employees’ well-being is our top priority. If the topics listed don’t quite align with your specific needs, worry not!

We specialize in crafting tailor-made workshops designed to address the specific health and wellness concerns of your workforce. From ergonomic solutions to stress management strategies, our team is ready to collaborate with you and create a personalized program that ensures the optimal health and performance of your employees.

Let’s work together to design a corporate wellness workshop that perfectly suits the needs of your team.

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Corporate Workshop Topics ​

Workplace Wellness Masterclass

Strategies for a Pain-Free, Energized Workforce

Cracking the Code

Deciphering Employee Health with Mindful Solutions

Corporate Vitality Blueprint

Unleashing Neck and Low Back Pain Solutions

ErgoElite Workshop

Crafting a Workspace for Peak Performance

NutriPower Symposium

Fueling Productivity Through Nutrition and Diet

StressLess Energy Boost

Elevating Employee Resilience and Performance

EmpowerHER Wellness

Nurturing the Health and Vitality of Your Female Workforce

GameGuard Workshop

Winning the Battle Against Sports Injuries


Bones & Beyond

Osteoporosis Insights for a Resilient Workforce

SleepWell Chiropractic Workshop

Unleashing the Power of Quality Sleep


Fostering a Culture of Well-Being in the Workplace

Pinnacle Chiropractic Mission

We are a loving, inspiring team committed to serving our community with passion, enthusiasm and excellence. We lead by example by having fun with our health, wellbeing and vitality. Our dedication to excellence is shown through our ongoing pursuit of knowledge and growth both personally and professionally.

Our practice is continually growing with happy, engaged families that are dedicated to improving themselves and their health as well as the health of their families and community. Their passion for natural health is shown through their endless inflow of referrals and active participation in the practice.

Working together with our practice members, a health zeitgeist occurs. This event spreads through our community and beyond to empower people to maximize their health potential naturally. This change in health enhances all aspects of life for all involved, thus allowing the population to express the true nature of their well-being. They do this because they know their health is the most important asset they have.

Past Workshops

What Our Workshops Entail


Between 45 and 60 Minutes, By Our Established Chiropractors

Spinal Screening

Complimentary Spinal Screening for All Employees BEFORE/AFTER Talk

Discounted Package

Heavily Discounted Consultation & Experience 1st Chiropractic Adjustment In The Clinic

Our Speakers

Dr. Janelle Dong MacBay
Doctor of Chiropractic (U.S.A.)

Dr. Janelle Dong MacBay is a 2007 honors graduate from Life Chiropractic College West in California. Receiving the highest award in Clinical Excellence, she specializes in corrective chiropractic care with an emphasis in women’s health, pregnancy and pediatric care. 

Since moving to Singapore in 2008, she has enjoyed serving the Singapore community through excellence in chiropractic care, humanitarian service and community outreach. 

Dr. Janelle is a birth doula and childbirth educator. She has a passion for guiding parents and their babies from the beginning of life throughout childhood. 

In 2018 Drs. Janelle and Dr. Derek developed a baby and child program titled Movement Matters which empowers parents and professionals to introduce fun brain building activities for babies and children. They are both sought out speakers not only in the field of pediatric neurodevelopment and reflex integration but also in the corporate wellness world. 

Dr. Janelle serves as Secretary on of the Alliance of Chiropractic(SG). The AOC(SG) is internationally recognized and is currently the largest chiropractic association in Singapore.

Dr. Derek MacBay
Doctor of Chiropractic (U.S.A.)

Dr. Derek MacBay graduated with the highest honors from Life Chiropractic College West in California in 2006. He specialises in corrective chiropractic care, sports, pediatrics and geriatrics.

Originally from Santa Barbara, California, Dr. Derek received his first adjustment from a chiropractor at the age of 12 and decided to become a chiropractor at that very moment after experiencing his life changing adjustment. 

Dr. Derek is an avid golfer, endurance athlete, football coach and baseball player, playing in the National Baseball league in Singapore.

Participating in competitive sports his entire life, Dr. Derek understands the benefits chiropractic care can provide not only active athletes to improve their performance but also to people of all generations. 

Dr. Derek was a founding member of the World Chiropractic Alliance (Singapore) serving as Vice-President from 2010-2011 and was instrumental in the association’s revitalization as the Alliance Of Chiropractic (Singapore). He currently serves as the President and has overseen its growth to become the largest professional chiropractic organization in Singapore.

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